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10 slightly nonobvious things to be a little more happy

    1. Eat the frog with a friend

    Not a real frog.

    It’s the thing that you’ve been avoiding for weeks or months. Go ask a friend to hold you accountable to do it. Make a bet with them. Put money on the line. Set a time, set a deadline.

    Knock it out once and for all.

    Feel the relief.

    Feel the pride.

    Ride the momentum to eat another frog or just enjoy the freed up mental space.

    2. Ask 5 people for advice

    For a thing you're wondering about, a thing you're stuck in, or something you want to learn.

    5 people because worst case, only 1 responds.

    Best case, you have 5 new perspectives.

    Those people get to feel good for being asked to give you advice.

    You get to feel good for getting new perspective and maybe learning something.


    3. Say no

    That thing you’re dreading?

    Cancel it. Say no.

    Feel the joy of relief.

    4. Negotiate

    Not everything can be canceled without consequence. See if there’s another way.

    Do it later?

    Do it different?

    Do something smaller?

    Negotiate a trade for something else?

    5. Say yes

    See that friend. Read that book. Go to that fun event. Book that travel. Go to that party. Host that party. Get lost in that Wikipedia wormhole. Watch that movie.

    Do it, and feel good about it.

    6. Tell someone why you’re grateful for them

    You’ll feel better remembering the positive impact someone had on you.

    You’ll be able to make their day.

    They’ll likely say something nice in return.

    It’s a win-win.

    7. Organize something

    Your fridge.

    Your desk.

    Your downloads folder

    Your photos

    Your counter.

    Your schedule this week

    Organizing is kind of mindless, but you always feel accomplished for getting something done.

    8. No tech for 20 minutes

    Let your mind wander. Let the ideas bubble up. Let the unprocessed events from the past week simmer. Let the thoughts roam wherever they go.

    “Allowing” puts your mind in a different mode and helps create clarity.

    9. Pull up a photo of a fond memory

    Good feels in a bottle.

    10. Take 2 days off

    The first day is to catch up on life errands. Little things like checking your mail, email you haven’t read, running those errands.

    The second day is so that you can actually enjoy yourself — whatever floats your boat.

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