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10+ solution tradeoffs

A wise man once said there are no solutions. There are only tradeoffs.


    1. Oppurtunity vs Oppurtunity

    Opportunity Costs: Taking one opportunity means you may give up another opportunity

    2. Time vs Quality

    Reducing the time of delivery of a coding project. Increase the chances of an error.

    3. Initiative vs Cost

    To move from the status quo, there is a cost involved.

    4. Offense vs Defence

    The more time you spend attacking an opponent, the less time you will be able to defend yourself from other opponents

    5. Time vs Money

    More money you make, the less time you will have to yourself

    6. Quality vs Cost

    The lower quality talent you hire, the less will it cost, and the lower cost the quality of the output

    7. Time vs Cost

    The more time it takes to do a project, the more cost you will incur

    8. Scale vs Change

    The bigger your company gets, the harder it will get to adapt to new changes

    9. Scale vs Price

    The bigger your company gets, the more it will cost you to run that company

    10. Controls vs Flexibility

    More regulations and controls you put in, the less innovation and engagement

    11. Controls vs Cost

    The more controls you put in, the greater the cost to your company

    Buercractic overhead to provide oversight and management increases costs and reduces the efficacy of the action. E.g. Charities, Special Commissions, Controls, Regulations, Middle management

    12. Safety vs Productivity

    The higher the safety procedures, the lower the efficiency

    13. Risk vs Reward

    The greater the risk, the greater the reward

    14. Complexity vs Risk

    The higher the complexity, the higher the risk of fraud and downstream impacts.

    15. Present vs Future

    Using resources in the present deprives you of that resource in the future.

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