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10 Sources for Learning

Life is worthwhile when we learn. We need to keep learning not only to thrive but also to survive.

What you don't know will hurt you

Learning is the beginning of wealth

Learning is the beginning of health

Learning is the beginning of spirituality

    1. Mistakes

    Learning from the mistakes and failures of others.

    2. The past

    Your past can have a lot of cues and signals about your passions, obsessions, etc. As we evolve, how we see our past changes, so we learn new things.

    3. The greats

    Learn from the people who have done it and succeeded. Steve Jobs was learning from Edwin Land.

    Learn from their biographies, their speeches, etc.

    4. Calendar

    Your calendar will tell you what you value, prioritize, or do not do. Your calendar is a great source of information. When you do not have much on it, that is a signal.

    5. Songs

    You can learn a lot about culture, trends, and people if you listen carefully. You may become an anthropologist just by listening to songs. You may want to read @JamesAltucher 's list about learning from M&M's 8 Mile, a truly amazing list.

    6. Books

    Needless to say, readers and leaders :)

    7. Shadowing

    If you want to learn how to lead, shadow a leader.

    If you want to learn how to manage, shadow a great manager.

    8. What you hear

    We need to be selective listeners. We can learn a lot by listening.

    9. Movies

    I learned a lot from movies. We just need to be intentional.

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