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10 "spokes" for some doing experiments on magic & wellbeing

    1. Make an NFT collection for Vanishing Inc. on mental health for magicians

    2. Make an online course on what I learned from my PhD

    3. Contact 10 therapists and offer them a chance to pilot my self-efficacy intervention with their clients

    4. Exercise and nutrition for magicians

    5. Use the art of healing fb group to sell an online course

    (easier than running a virtual conference but bigger upfront time-cost to record it)

    6. Release a magic DVD of routines centered around wellbeing themed magic

    7. Apply for grants for a postdoc

    Very little success this far...and lack of using stats skills lately is making me less competitive. But I can't play around learning stats software without a job

    8. Facebook ads for insecure ppl who need to feel good about themselves

    9. Fb ads about "accomplishing the impossible" for personal growth ppl

    Test it before I build it. Maybe use magic as a cheesy joke in the ad

    10. Twitter ads for the above two ideas

    a LOT simpler and easier than fb ads, which got super messy and complicated

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