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10 Spokes From Reading a Book - Consuming through the Lenses of Creating

The Spoke and Wheel concept from Skip The Line by James is powerful. The better we see spokes from wheels, the wealthier we get. Wealth is not only limited to money but also knowledge, health, subscribers, impact, etc.

As James describes in his book, the core idea is the wheel, and from that wheel, there are many spokes. Amazon is, without a doubt, one of the most innovative companies in the world. It mastered the spoke and wheel concept from selling books online to selling everything online to warehouse leasing to computing and storage services (AWS). And now, most profits come from AWS, a spoke.

Thinking in terms of spoke and wheel helps us be intentional about what we consume.

So how can we turn reading a book into spokes?

I chose reading because anyone can do it. Writing will have maybe more spokes, but the idea is that we can turn anything into impact, should we wish to.

    1. Blog articles - Medium or other platforms

    Top highlights or ideas from the book.

    I have done this with Think Again by Adam Grant. I am preparing one for Skip The Line.

    2. Turn each core idea into a video

    I see many people summarizing books on Youtube.

    I have not tried this. Curious to try it as part of the 10,000 experiments :)

    3. Visualization & Infographics

    Turn the main ideas into an infographic to help people memorize and retain them.

    4. Turn core ideas into Twitter threads

    5. 10 ideas list to augment the content or ideas in the book

    Share the list with the author, and maybe you can co-author a new book.

    6. PowerPoint deck about the book and share it on Slideshare

    7. Use ideas from the book as one chapter in your next book

    8. More blogs

    Take core ideas and add personal stories or perspectives.

    9. Translate the book into a different language

    With apps like you can translate anything. You can get a reviewer or editor for cheap.

    I wonder if James would want to have SkipeThe Line translated to Japanese.

    10. Impress people in a conversation

    You can name a book you read at a party and even discuss what the book is about.

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