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10 Stable Coin NFT Concepts

As far as I know, there is not a stable-coin based blockchain that supports NFTs.
A new or existing stable blockchain will need to be built. It will need to be programmable like Ethereum.
ETH NFTs are financially tied to the Ethereum crypto, this is why the have the greatest worth amongst other less performing crypto blockchains. Part of ETH NFT worth is the speculation. If there was a stable coin NFT blockchain, the speculation would only be about the worth of the asset.
Stable NFT = SNFT (I just made this up)

    1. No extrinsic value, only intrinsic.

    Some collectible NFTs have no intrinsic value- they have no programable utility, crappy art, and only collective hype. A SNFT is not dependent on a certain crypto coin for speculation.

    2. Price = Price

    -because there is no coin speculation:
    If you list your SNFT for $10, even if ETH crashes or moons, the SNFT will sell for $10.

    3. Power of smart contracts

    SNFT is still a NFT with programmable ability.
    I just remember that Louis CK(I think) at one time was upset about scalpers reselling his tickets for his shows. He wanted to guarantee that people only paid $40 for a ticket. Somehow they were tracking which tickets were sold via scalpers, and those were invalidated- and they were not let into the show.
    BUT with a programmable SNFT, it cannot be resold at a higher price if the smart contract denies it. AND after the date of the show, the ticket could then be resold as a collectible at any price- programmed via smart contract.

    4. Safe for crypto critics

    SNFTs are not tied to crypto gambling. Critics can use them with peace of mind.

    5. Mass adoption

    SNFTs are stable. People will buy.

    6. Eco friendly

    All new blockchains will be eco friendly.
    Dont forget, credit card processing destroys the environment more than crypto.
    Credit cards are destroying the environment.

    7. Publishers can still control price

    Artstation and Steam Games are against crypto NFTs, but with a stable option, they can set the prices of their digital goods, and get royalties.

    8. Amazon will have its own stable blockchain

    Amazon has the backing. They will either start their own blockchain, or get beaten by a competitor.
    Kindle books are only owned within Amazon... you dont really own it. You permanently borrow it. You cant resell you digital book- yet.

    9. Apple boutique apps

    I have already seen some limited edition IOS apps. With SNFTs, Apple could release limited edition SNFTs with the purpose of them being resold because of scarcity. They will get tons of royalties. Imagine a Kanye app- Yeezy personal social account where he says whatever he wants- only 5000 apps. $$$

    10. Groceries

    With SNFTs you could buy any goods. You could even revive Green stamps.

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