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10 Steps to Financial Minimalism

Making it Easy. Less thinking so you can live!

    1. Spend Less Than You Make

    Budget. Or just use apps to track once a month. Mint is a good website.

    2. Pay Bills Automatically

    Prefer to do it manually, but this will save a lot of time.

    3. Invest Automatically

    Come up with an investment plan and re-balance, if you want. Do it automatically to save time.

    4. Rent

    It's a lot easier than owning. If something breaks, someone else has to worry about fixing.

    5. Don't own a car

    Uber. Take public transportation. Ask a friend. No car insurance. Don't fill up any gas.

    6. Get rid of things

    What clothes have you not worn this year?

    What toys do you not play with anymore?

    Sell or trade them in and move on.

    7. Buy higher quality

    Since you threw out all your clothes. Make sure you have a few nice shirts/shorts/socks/underwear. Take care of them. They will last.

    Same with furniture or whatever. Buy nice and keep them for a long time.

    8. Eat Less

    It's good for you. And you save money. Skip 1-2 meals a day. Less stress. $$. Effort.

    9. Get a Good Credit Card

    Whatever you like. Make sure the rewards benefit you.

    10. Buy those energy efficient Light bulbs

    More expensive up front, but you save time (don't change them often) and electricity costs down the road

    11. Value Time > Money

    Haggling over a few dollars isn't worth the stress or time. Handle the big things and don't sweat saving 40 cents on coffee one a week.

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