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10 Steps To Focus When Writing

These are 10 things you can do in order to increase your focus when working on writing tasks. I'll actually do each step as I write it down.

    1. Put Your Phone Down

    I take my phone and put it on a charger in the other room. Do not disturb mode is on. I won't pick it up until my writing tasks are done.

    2. Block Distracting Websites

    I use Freedom.to to block social media sites. They are the ones I tend to mindlessly type in and scroll on, so having them gone eliminates most digital distractions.

    3. Listen to Binaural Beats

    I like the website Brain.FM for this. It has soothing and invigorating instrumental music that makes focusing on my work easier.

    4. Have A Clean Desk

    A cluttered desk is a cluttered mind. Your environment affects your creativity and work ethic. Keeping it clean is step one of being productive.

    5. Set A Timer

    Work expands or contracts to fit the amount of time allotted for it. So limit your tasks to a reasonable window of time. Without a timer, you'll move slower and get distracted more easily. I use a cube timer, so it only takes one motion to set a new timer.

    6. Use Sensory Cues

    On my left there's a scented candle that smells of cinnamon. I never light it. I just take a whiff every so often. This candle is one I only smell when I'm writing, so that smell helps put me in a productive state. This can be done with music or food, too.

    7. Actually START

    This is the toughest one of the bunch. Honestly, I'm writing this list as a way to procrastinate on (and prepare for) some writing tasks. Now I am well-prepared, but it still takes an act of will to take the leap and get started.

    I'm going to end the list here so I can get to work!

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