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10 story ideas for a movie script

I am not a director, never worked in Hollywood. I have had two ideas for a movie that have festered in my brain for years. Both have something to do with Space and both are in the Sci-Fi genre. I know that is limiting the audience to some degree but I honesty do not care. This movie is based somewhere in the future, 2172 sounds good to me. So the general plot of the film is centered around a prison planet, might name the movie Prison Planet, where the various countries on Earth unanimously decided at some point to send their worst criminals, psychopaths, serial killers, rapists to this planet that is habitable for human life and has been converted to a prison. What could go wrong? You tell me after you see what ideas I have and add to them, criticize mine or get me in contact with George Lucas!

    1. Corruption

    No matter how much humans advance or how much technology advances, the human element is always there. The idea of sending the most dangerous people Earth has to offer to a prison planet could've started out with good intentions by noble people. However, over time things change. So maybe there are incentives to send more criminals to this planet and now people that should not be deemed dangerous or psychopaths' are being sent there. Some of those people are actually be innocent! This could be one of the elements of the film that sets things in motion.

    2. Unlikely Collaborations

    There has to be someone and/or some type of people monitoring the prison planet. Some of the people employed for this organization or company may want to return back to Earth. Some of them also don't like what has been happening in sending innocent people or people that don't belong there so they could start to align with groups of these people to help them escape together.

    3. Romance

    You have to have some sort of love interest or romantic relationship somewhere in a major movie. This movie so far doesn't really sound like romance could be a part of it, but I think it could. It could be between a prisoners, and a prisoner and a keeper, could be between the crew that pilots the vessels to and from the planet to transport prisoners and more. There could be a strategic reason for a relationship as well.

    4. Comic Relief

    Good movies that aren't billed as a Comedy movie usually find ways to inject comedy at the right moments. It could be the banter between people on the transport, whether it's the prisoners, the crew or both. There will be plenty of opportunities for comedic moments in this film that may never see the light of day.

    5. Extra Terrestrials

    Not sure where they would fit in yet exactly. They could be an outside element, they could be introduced and not involved (potential for a sequel) They could be the ones enforcing the rules on the planet? They could also be prisoners?

    6. Soundtrack

    Many movies are known not only for the movie itself, but the score or soundtrack. So this could be very important. The chances of getting a major recording artist or composer like Elfman or Williams most likely won't happen....CORRECTION: Will Certainly Not Happen.. so this will take some risk in getting an unknown or something that hasn't been done before.

    7. Actors

    You have to have at least one or two fairly known and or respected actors both male and female. Preferably, someone who worked in this genre before that is familiar to people. Mixing in unknown or soon to be big star actors would be ideal too.

    8. Death

    The movie involves prisoners that are on a prison planet. Someone has to die.

    9. Redemption

    There will be at least one or more people that will have a redemption story in the film. Both prisoner and non-prisoner

    10. Revenge

    Redemption hits you in the heart, revenge just hits you all over. You know how some movies where someone goes through something and is wronged in the worst of ways, you just want them to win? I have a few creative ways that will take place, one that will satisfy both Revenge and Death. (the movie is not all grim)

    11. I challenge you to add more elements to this movie

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