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10 subreddits that could be turned into a business

In the book, Zero to Sold, one of the telltale signs of a business opportunity is when people create makeshift solutions or systems because of gaps in the market.

10 subreddits that could be turned into a business

    1. /r/Borrow

    This community was designed to give short-term micro loans to people in need and connect them to generous lenders. Lendees need to provide ID verification and have bots that track the payment of loans, late payments or defaults.

    There is an underserved market for people who live paycheque to paycheque and are being prayed on by the payday loan industry.

    2. /r/DataScienceCareers or /r/FinancialCareers

    Career-minded folks post-career questions and ask for guidance or share work experiences.

    Provide a niche consulting or career counselling service targeted at Data Science or Financial Professionals

    3. /r/IWanttoLearn

    I see common questions pop up on avoiding procrastination, critical thinking, social skills, etc. It could be an excellent inspiration to create an IWTTL guide to commonly asked questions.

    4. /r/SomeBodyMakeThis

    People post problems and request inventions to solve their problems. An excellent place to find ideas to start a new business to solve those problems.

    5. /r/AutomateYourself

    People post here to require automation for mundane or repetitive tasks. It could be a place to get ideas for building a SaaS.

    6. /r/Beermoney

    Beermoney is a community for people to discuss mostly online money-making opportunities. It could be completing surveys, free cash for shopping, paid user testing, etc.

    Create a website that lists, aggregates and categorizes these money-making ideas. Perhaps set up reviews to validate ideas and any catches.

    7. /r/DataSets

    Data professionals and journalists require data sets for research, information or sampling.

    You could create a marketplace for selling, buying, and trading datasets, including obfuscated corporate data to build modelling from.

    8. /r/Cash4Cash or /r/giftcardexchange

    Exchange currencies and gift cards here. You could conceivably create a SaaS to help facilitate this exchange.

    9. /r/Hire or /r/slavelabour

    A place to hire and offer services that are low cost. You could create a job search aggregator for freelancing jobs.

    10. /r/Fallout76Marketplace

    You could create a Digital Marketplace SaaS. A digital marketplace where people pay and trade for rare in-game digital items. I have seen a few people do this on eBay, Amazon and even Etsy.

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