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10 Superpowers I Wish I Had Right Now!

Instead of things like flying, I am going to pivot on this to things that can be difficult to do maybe but make life better or easier.

    1. Stop caring what others think

    There's very few people whose opinion should matter to you, very few. Caring what others think is very heavy baggage to carry.

    2. Play the long game

    Invest in your future self, the future will be here quicker than you realize and your life can be much better for a couple of simple decisions you can make now.

    3. Have the discipline to take care of yourself

    Lift weights, cut carbohydrate consumption, cut seed oil consumption, skip breakfast.

    It can be that simple. Not easy maybe, but very simple.

    4. Be positive, be optimistic

    You may have to train yourself to do this. I am a very positive person (not like I'm medicated though) and I think it came from a very bad experience. I had cancer in high school (very rare but very treatable). My second question to the doctor, not really understanding anything yet, was "am I going to die?" He said "you could, but I don't think you will." I made up my mind on the spot that this was not going to kill me.

    My wife and I joke all the time, she will tell me to put it out there so it, whatever it might be, will happen. The list of good things that I have put out there that have happened is very long. For just a little context, we both have been working from home for 20 years, doing what we love in the sort of mountain community where visitors say "boy, it'd be great to live here one day."

    5. Understand that time is worth than money

    The sooner this is figured out the better and easier every other aspect of life becomes.

    6. Live below your means

    Similar to number 5, every other aspect of life becomes better and easier when you live below your means.

    7. Opt out of consumerism

    Related to number 6, don't buy unnecessary stuff that is expensive. You don't need to trade up your house. You don't need to get new vehicles every five years. Do invest in convenience, things that will make your life easier.

    8. Be happy for someone when they succeed

    This is about envy. We all know people who are more successful than we are. Genuinely accept that they are either smarter, work harder, are luckier or some combo of the three and be genuinely happy for them.

    9. Don't be the victim

    Good outcomes happen when we prevent or solve our own problems. People are more inclined to help others who are helping themselves. A form of skin in the game.

    10. Be self-aware

    Introspection is key to good outcomes, to an interesting life, to a happy life, to a life not made more difficult than it needs to be.

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