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10 takeaways from Arthur C. Brooks' book, From Strength To Strength


    1. Most people, if not everyone, go through a decline in their skills from a certain age

    2. On average, the decline happens at different ages depending on the profession

    3. Some professions are better suited for people in the second half of life

    4. If you do what it takes to adapt when the decline starts, you will be happier than the unprepared

    5. Chasing success is a sure recipe for unhappiness

    6. Relationships are the most important thing in your life, and you will suffer greatly if you don't work on them

    7. True success and happiness is about chipping away the unnecessary

    8. The Buddhist death meditation is a lot darker than I thought

    Apparently, you're supposed to picture your corpse at different stages. The rotting flesh, the flesh disappearing so that you're just bones, etc. It does feel different when you think about it that way.

    9. The author speaks to people in the second half of life, but it's equally important that young people read it

    10. Everyone needs spirituality in one form or another

    Or at least they will, come a certain age.

    11. Summary in the author's words: Use things. Love people. Worship the divine.

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