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10 takeaways from my first time at a shooting range

H/T @lovingkindnesscomedy

We've had a few members of the community here share recently about their first trip to a shooting range. HUZZAH! Whether shooting is a one-time thing for you or whether it becomes a steady hobby, I strongly encourage everyone to give shooting a try with proper instruction at least once.

As someone who has been involved in shooting and the shooting sports for decades there are plenty of positive aspects of this sport. To encourage more folks to give it a try, let me share a few.

    1. Welcoming

    There is a class and range time for everyone. Novice, experienced, male, female, mixed, rimfire, centerfire, pistol, rifle, etc.

    2. Friendly

    Similar to above. Most everyone who is a shooter loves to share their hobby with others. Of course, we each have our own theories and beliefs about the "right" way to shoot. As you gain experience, you'll both develop your own views and be able to recognize good information from other information.

    3. Low bar of entry

    You don't have to have any experience or own a firearm. All can be provided and/or rented. Often at no or very little cost.

    4. Level playing field

    Although many shooting competitions have a male and female division, I believe that the range is an even playing field.

    5. Empowering

    Learning how to safely handle, operate, and control a firearm can be an empowering experience. Most of my first time students have that "I CAN do this" moment. It is usually unspoken but it's pretty easy to spot.

    6. Instant Feedback

    When you pull the trigger, you instantly know whether you are hitting your target or not. You also know almost immediately what you need to adjust to improve.

    7. Hard to Lie

    Either to yourself or anyone else. Targets can fib a little sometimes, but they do not lie.

    8. Improves focus

    With eye and ear protection in place and your sights in front of you, it becomes much easier to tune out distractions and just squeeze.

    9. Their is something for everyone

    Are you into the latest technology? Then shooting may be for you. Do you enjoy learning history? Shooting has a history as dynamic as any. Are you into math and science? Ballistics. Enough said on that. Do you enjoy being outside? A good majority of shooting is outdoors.

    10. Things go Boom!

    Other than my ShihTzu, who doesn't like fireworks? Shooting is powder, smoke, and flame up close, and under your command.

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