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10 takeaways from this week

    1. Major win: reached out to the writer with an interesting technique

    No replies but it was something.

    2. Major win: sent my ideas to one business

    Correction: attempted to send. I need to reach out again, not because they are pure gold but I want to get back into playing the game.

    3. Major(?) win: the family trip was okay

    Everything was fine (I think) except that I got sick that day since the morning. It might have been the stress. Causes unknown. I grew sicker by the hour, and at 10:55 pm, I was just glad that I finally made it back home.

    It was good to see my parents, and I'll give myself some participation trophy for having initiated a family trip for the first time.

    4. Morning epiphany on Monday

    It might be because I read How to Stop Worrying and Start Living the week before. I saw my health extrapolated into the future. It's not like the body grows worrying muscles and become stronger (right?). I realized that my chief worry is trying to solve my imaginary problem that I might have once I retire. That and trying to control my life. So this week I tried to live in "day-compartment" and to either (1)make a quick decision and (2)execute or just not think about it by thinking about something more interesting like a new jiujitsu submission trap.

    5. Despite my commuting blues, I enjoy working with kids irl.

    They laugh a lot. So do I. I like to joke around. It's surprising to realize now that my work feels more like play and my avocation of creative writing feels like a leg-day for the mind. I tried Zoom classes. It wasn't even close.

    6. On a Youtuber I used to watch

    He has come a long way in terms of building his audience. The thing is that even after several years he is still far from good at his main thing. Be that as it may, he has been consistent. This is something I see increasingly more ubiquitously. Consistency and being able to take personal accountability must be less discussed talents.

    7. From "Hell Yeah or No": Life is more amazing if you think everything is coincidence rather than having some meaning

    This is a fresh take on synchronicity.

    8. During Jiujitsu: instead of trying to submit the opponent by greater force, induce the opponent to move where I want

    I have to remind myself of this especially when I am sparring with someone who is physically weaker. It's a wishful jibber-jabber without details, but it's a start.

    9. If I believe rule #1 of investing x is to not lose x, it also make sense that the lesson #1 for grappling arts is learning to break fall.

    So I started going to the gym early this week to do break fall drills before class.

    10. Getting sick again (3 weekends in a row) was the major obstacle to my weight goals

    Instead of calories, maybe just for this coming week, focus on... what?! When and where did my immunity fall? Could it be just stress? Did I become one of those case studies in books that talk about the importance of relaxing??

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