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10 takeaways from this week's self-evaluation

    1. Major win: a breakthrough with a longer poem

    I had the idea last year, and didn't have good ideas to execute. Now some structures are in place.

    2. Major Win: Informing the director that I wish to take one day off

    I need more empty space now than extra income

    3. Experiment to try: go straight to work from the gym

    I used to come back home to have a big enough meal to rejuvenate me and also for muscle gain. It worked when I exercise less frequently. Now that I do less weight training and more jiujitsu, I find it too stressful to find time to eat enough to get bigger.

    I want to utilize more time for some of the things that would increase my luck. With reluctance I am dropping my weight gain goal for the quarter and usung an extra hour during weekdays instead.

    4. More: go to the gym even earlier

    I have been going to the gym earlier to do some drills before my jiujitsu class. It feels good, and it's helpful. Not super early. Just maybe 10 minutes. The solo drills are something I missed from boxing but didn't have in jujitsu. Now I got it

    5. Less: snacking

    I haven't had much appetite, and I snacked this week more than other weeks. The really annoying thing is that while I snack, I think to myself that it doesn't even taste good. Stop.

    6. Continue: bringing back poetry writing in the evening

    It is not the rigidly adhered practice as it used to be when I was more committed and focused on improving techniques. The current iteration wraps the evening nicely. As far as wrapping up the evening goes, it has been more effective to have something to do like continuing a poem from the previous evening rather than putting a hard-stop to whatever I am doing.

    7. Continue: meditation both morning and evening

    Meditation has been a part of my daily checklist for years. Why do we stop doing the things that work? It's been back for a week, and I noticed a difference by Tuesday. Hello, old friend.

    8. Continue: When in worry, act.

    I wouldn't give this advice to all. I give it to myself. For unleveraged actions, How bad can it go anyway?

    9. Which of these projects would be a "failure" even if I succeed?

    It occurred to me while choosing a personal project. I guess it's a variation of the Tim Ferriss' question, "which of these would be a success even if it is externally a failure?" I realized that some of the goals are not even worth achieving even if it is directly related to current discontents. E.g. if I am dissatisfied at a job due to certain attributes that necessarily come with the job, ameliorating the situation by finding a better job makes no sense. It is one of those unseen things in plain view that was not hidden but to which I was blind.

    10. I am settling into a routine

    On Friday morning I had a chat with a friend I haven't talked to in years. During the conversation I told her that I intend to go fully remote in 3 years. After the call, I realized that this is not a likely outcome if things stay the way they are. Earlier this year I took a job offer that seemed interesting and better than the one before. However, it is a better version of what I had before. Further, there is no stop on this train that is remote. 3 years timer only starts when the first action is taken, not when the wish is conceived.

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