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10 techniques to market a product at a low cost without traditional advertising

On the internet, lots of content lasts forever, so this is where you want to spend your energy. I still get inbound links from articles that I placed 14 years ago.

Traditional advertising is costly for small-run products: you need to have a large margin and be able to spend 60% or more of it upfront on ads. Even then, if they don't convert well, you are stuck, and it is possible to lose money on ads. David Ogilvy references John Wanamaker in his 1963 book Confessions of an Advertising Man: "Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, and the trouble is I don't know which half."

Also, set your expectations low. As Tamara Monosoff says in "The Mom Inventor's Handbook," There are very few million-dollar products but many $25 - $50k products.

10 techniques to market a product at a low cost without traditional advertising

    1. You tube video series

    2. Tweet series

    3. Drip email campaigns

    4. NotePD lists

    5. YouTube shorts series

    6. Post to your network on Linked In and Facebook if you have them

    Let people know about your new product or service.

    7. Spend time on your product listings

    Amazon is one of the largest search engines. Make sure your product has good pictures and good text. Be sure to enter all the information they ask for.

    8. Get people to review your product

    When someone makes a blog post in a high profile site you can get backlinks for years. You will send free products out but if you have something that you manufacture for even $100 it will cost a lot less than ad impressions over time.

    9. Affiliate/commission marketing

    This is where you pay people after the product is sold.

    10. Sales, Coupons and eBay promotions

    You also need to promote these, which is a way to attract people's attention to your product. You only "pay" when your item sells. In a product listing, your product will show some sort of badge or icon that indicates that it is discounted. Amazon promotions are pay-per-click so have a traditional advertising model. At the current time, eBay is pay-on-sale: the affiliate/commission model. Check to see what you are signing up for because the rules change all the time.

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