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10 techniques to overcome distracting thoughts

I guess AI cover images are really into fantasy Vikings these days or whatever this person is. She looks like someone that overcomes distracting thoughts so I will roll with it!

10 techniques to overcome distracting thoughts

    1. Write it down on a "later" list

    I use a whiteboard for this. Clears my mind and I can go back to it later.

    2. Go for a walk

    3. Do vigorous exercise: push-ups, jumping jacks, etc.

    4. Use mindfulness techniques and observe the thought as a third person

    5. If it is a task that you are thinking about: just do it right then

    For example: "I should clean the bathroom." Just get the gear and do it right away.

    6. Give in: give the idea some attention

    This is better if it is a good idea and you have time. For example, if you are driving and a great idea for a story/business pops into your head, pull over and take some notes.

    7. Tell your thoughts out loud to a pet or inanimate object

    Helps you work through it without judgement

    8. set an appointment to address the thought

    "I will think about this at 8 PM". Then you can keep the appointment and dismiss the issue as necessary.

    9. For things that may be recurring (eg. I really should check my email/social media), make set times that you do it

    Similar to making an appointment, "only" check emails 2x a day: do it at 8 AM and 8 PM (or whatever works for you). This can keep you from thinking about it in the other times because you know that you will check in a few hours.

    10. If you are trying to do something like intermittent fasting and are consumed by thoughts of being hungry, just eat something.

    This defeats the purpose of intermittent fasting but if you are having this much trouble, you probably need to get more sleep/exercise and tomorrow is another day. I have found that "white knuckling" through the afternoon can lead to hours of grazing later. Better off having a small lunch.

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