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10 Themes in my information diet this month

I consume a huge amount of information, through YouTube, audiobooks, courses and for my job. Sometimes there are coincidences, and other times there are memes where certain topics are trending across my landscape.

i Also realized the "landscape" of my feeds changes on a dime thanks to the YouTube and Amazon algorithms and "data sharing". I watch one video on fixing an air conditioner and I am shown 50 more videos about the same topic.

I am very relieved that all of my Internet activity is safe for work, because I frequently share my screen and have ads pop up.

10 Themes in my information diet this month

    1. When you practice you are supposed to fail, it is part of the journey

    I have heard this a lot from hustle gurus, and more explicitly in a Jeff Berlin bass instruction video.

    2. Intermittent fasting should be part of most people's life

    I have pretty much overdosed on information on this topic. Pretty simple: skip breakfast. Every once in a while, or even for extended periods skip breakfast and lunch and a few times a year don't eat for a few days.

    3. Consistent effort and striving every day will eventually bring success, but maybe not in the way you first considered it

    In order to make any progress, you have to first start to do something. This seems blindingly obvious, and it is stated in hundreds of ways across many cultures. When you actually start doing something that you've never done before and stick with it for weeks or months or years you really can internalize this idea: it is a deep concept.

    4. I had some surprising crossovers in reading books that mentioned Robert Oppenheimer (nuclear bomb) and then the movie came out. I should probably see it.

    One was a novel that had nothing to do with nuclear war on the surface but one of the characters was involved with Robert Oppenheimer. The movie looks good and it is a topic that I don't know much about.

    5. Breath, and how you breathe is important

    I have started consciously breathing through my nose as much as possible. I had always assumed that I had permanent allergies that made me unable to do it. After a few days, my sinuses opened up: it has changed my life.

    6. Mindfulness and being present can be practiced at any time

    I have tried approaching washing the dishes as if I am a monk preparing a temple: this does not work all the time but it occasionally makes washing the dishes a profound experience.

    7. Reading a lot is a super power

    I have found that it really is. Also, taking notes is hugely important: I make a NotePD list. For about a month I stopped doing it, but then I realized how much I was missing. I just started again.

    8. It is important to put in the work: LeBron James, Tiger Woods, etc. were great BEFORE they became recognized for it: during their practice

    The greatness is in the preparation.

    9. Many people that achieve great success are driven by great pain: it is OK to not go to that level in your personal life.

    Elon Musk mentions this: he is very personable, but his internal drive is very intense and he sometimes describes it as physically painful. He can't turn it off.

    10. Triads on guitar

    These are the building blocks of western music. In the last week I have seen videos that show ways to use these when improvising that I was not aware of after 40 years of playing guitar!

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