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10 Things a Preschool Teacher Bought on Prime Day

I am over the PTSD of this past year and I have time to make a list. I still feel overwhelmed so I am making it easy. My intentions were to buy a bunch of stuff for me on Prime Day. That didn't quite happen. These things are kind of for me. They will help me feel more safe next year. My next list will be the 10 more things that I would like.

10 Things a Preschool Teacher Bought on Prime Day

    1. Blink 2 Cameras

    I am not sure if I can use these. We have cameras all over the school but not in our classrooms. It's in the classrooms where most stuff goes down. If you are thinking.. what on earth is so bad in a preschool classroom that you need a video camera. You haven't been in a classroom with post pandemic kids that a just traumatized by the world. I felt really safe in Korea where they have cameras in every classroom. I felt protected.

    2. 1 inch Stickers- 600

    Kids LOVE stickers. They love sticker charts. I have used sticker charts in the past but for some reason the stickers were kind of crazy last year. I saw online a teacher laminated the stickers and put velcro on the back of them .

    3. 1000 round Velcro Pieces

    For the project above.

    4. Sharpie Gel Pens

    LOVE THEM. Might not need them for preschool but might need them for one of my other jobs. Hostessing or working in a law firm.

    5. Twinkle Star Lights 100

    I learned in May.. MAY. I wish I learned sooner. Fluorescent light is not good. It drives 4 year olds bonkers. I decided to just have natural light the last month and a half of the school year. This year I am adding in some fun lights. I think they will like them.

    6. 36 pack of slinkies

    Prize box. Kids LOVE slinkies. These might last 3 months.

    7. Soccer ball fidget spinner 40 pack

    I just think they look cool. Prize Box.

    8. 40 pack of glow in the dark slinky hands

    You know you fling the hand out and it grabs something and whips it back in your face. prize box.

    9. 8 key tags with holder

    I found something else online. A girl with ADD uses it as a way to make sure she's done everything she needs to do for the day. You attach a key tag to a slinky bracelet and write on the key tag things you need to accomplish. I have so much going on during the school year I just forget everyday things I need to do.

    10. Slinky Bracelet for Key tags-12 pack

    For the above project. I am thinking of a possible way to use them for my students but I am not sure yet.

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