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10 things about the Keto Code Diet

I've been on it 3 weeks

    1. Lost 7 lbs in 3 days

    I lost 7 lbs of water weight in 3 days! It just fell off. When you only eat 8 hours a day and have no bread or sugar.. things happen

    2. You stop craving bread

    Bread has been staring me down but I know what it does to me and so I say no!

    3. Keto Poop

    It's a thing and it's different.

    4. The headaches

    Oh man the headaches. I had maybe 4 ounces of wine and followed it with 40 ounces of water in a 3 hour period. I even burped up water.

    5. Good skin

    My skin is better! Yay!

    6. Peoples responses

    I am so annoying and tell everyone about the diet. Their response is oh you don't need to lose weight.

    It's not about the weight really.. it's about how clean my body feels inside.

    7. Annoying servers and cooks everywhere

    You can't order anything!! Nothing comes keto code friendly. Most people would not enjoy it. I really enjoy now! But I don't like being that person that customizes everything.

    8. Its expensive

    Luckily I am kicking butt in the money making right now. Pistachios are my snack..konjac noodles are my noodles, goat cheese is my cheese and goat milk is my milk.

    9. Low Energy

    I am told my energy is going to get a huge boost. I can't wait! It is low low low right now.

    10. I lost more weight working out

    Now that my ankle is mostly healed I can workout now. I will not eat regular noodles ever again. I will probably not eat much bread and avoid sugar often but I will add tomatoes and peppers back in. I might have some oats or grains from time to time. However, I will hit the gym for weight loss.

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