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10 things Force Fields help with

    1. outdoor rain cover

    whether its an event or a construction site. 4 drones at an angle radiating a connected force field to serve as a giant umbrella or roof.

    2. force field shopping bag

    i visited a clothing store. they didnt supply plastic shopping bags at the checkout. to reduce waste. i thought of a stick that fits in your pocket. at the push of a button it creates a bubble force field that serves as a bag.

    3. force fields on cars

    force fields on cars. this would be great as we would no longer would do damage to our cars.

    4. force field backpacks

    school shootings are horrible. an alarm company monitoring active shooter situations through sensors on a forcefield backpack. the force fields would then save lives.

    5. force field doors

    like the ones in sci-fi movies.

    6. force field springs

    basketball shoes equipped with force field springs to jump higher

    7. force field suits for military and uspd

    8. forcefield chairs

    9. forcefield stairs

    on and off feature. preventing people from entering batman's secret lair.

    10. forcefield masks

    either glasses, elons nuerochip, or ear piece that projects a face mask through force field technology.

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