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10 Things I am Grateful For Today

10 Things I am Grateful For Today

    1. The opportunity to work in my own business.

    I have the opportunity to manage my own hours and implement my own ideas at work. I can do as much as I want.

    2. My family

    I have a very supportive family. Plus they are fun to be around.

    3. Own house

    I am super grateful that I have a roof over my head.

    4. Health

    I am grateful for my reasonably good health which allows me to do my work and have fun. Intermittent fasting is making my health better.

    5. Travel

    I am grateful that I get opportunities to travel. This year has been a particularly good year.

    6. Friends

    I have a good friend living nearby with whom I get to meet in person. Also, there are my friends from college and book club who are always around virtually for a chat and a laugh. They are a source of support.

    7. Internet and devices

    I am very grateful that I have good strong internet with devices to connect to it. No work, training, or fun can happen without it.

    8. Building good habits

    I am working on building good habits. Like working harder. Like focusing better. Like intermittent fasting.

    9. Learning

    I am grateful that I want to learn new things and engage my brain actively. Currently learning to draw well and also learning Spanish on Duolingo. I keep learning new recipes from youtube and Facebook.

    10. Books

    I am super grateful that there have always been books in my life. They have sustained me from childhood and they still keep me sane. Books are the biggest source of joy in my life.

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