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10 Things I Can Do "One More" of

I just read "The Power of One More" by Ed Mylett and had him on my podcast.

The idea is that for everything you do to improve your life, if you simply do "one more" of it per day, you will drastically increase your chances of success.

So here's 10 things I can do one more of.

    1. Exercise

    I try to take long walks and do some form of exercise each day. Let's say, pushups. So if I do 50 (25) pushups I should try to do 51 tomorrow (26). Or go for a walk ten minutes longer.

    2. Call family or friends.

    I'm always really bad at calling people back. But if I call back 2 people tomorrow, I should try to call back three. Particularly my daughters.

    3. Write

    I write ever day. I don't keep track of how much time I spend writing but instead of spending an extra ten minutes or 20 minutes on social media I can certainly find the time to write one more page a day.

    4. Reach out to business contacts.

    I used to do up to a dozen or so a day. Now I do around one or two. I should make an effort to do "one more". Like three tomorrow and maybe four a day next week.

    5. Spend time with Robyn

    Again, there's many times when I can get up from my desk and spend "One more" twenty minutes with Robyn and listen to what's going on in her day.

    6. Read

    These days I like to read one piece of fiction per day, and then some non-fiction. I think reading quality fiction makes me a better writer. I should definitely read one more story per day.

    7. One more thing for my health

    Whether it's working on my sleep, or making an appointment with a doctor (I have not had a checkup since I was 18), or researching some supplement or diet thing, I should do one more thing a day for my health.

    8. One more laugh

    When I was doing standup comedy I would try to watch comedy every day. I miss that. I could definitely do one more video of comedy each day (instead of, for instance, a chess-related video.

    9. "study" versus "Play"

    I have been serious about trying to get back to my old (1997) level of chess to prove that someone my age (54) still has it in me. But I could definitely play one less game per day and use those ten minutes to study another endgame or opening.

    10. One more idea to make money

    I'm involved in many different businesses ranging from my podcast, to writing, to investments, to newsletters, etc. I could do one more thing each day to help any of the businesses I'm involved ni.

    11. One more idea list per day.

    Since I think idea lists are a great way to draft books, if I do an extra couple of ideas per day, more possibilities to create new books.

    And this is my one more idea on this list.

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