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10 things I do every day

Here's 10 things I do my best to get done every single day to improve my life!

    1. Keep my sleeping schedule

    I do my best to get to bed at 22:00 and wake up at 05:00 every day. Even though it's tempting to sleep in on the weekends, i very rarely do, because in my experience I tend to have a groggy, lethargic feeling all day if I do so.

    2. Wind down before bed

    I turn off the tv, computer, phone etc. an hour before bed and that last time is spend reading (or listening) to the book I am currently reading, in this case @JamesAltuchers "Skip the line" and taking a hot shower, which helps me wind down and relax before jumping to bed.

    3. Stay hydrated!

    I can't stress this enough! We, as humans, need to take in way more fluid than most of us do. You need to consider how much you sweat, how active you are at your job, if you work out or play sports, you will have an increased need for water. I drink at least 4 liters of water + the ocasional pepsi max (gotta love a cold can of max!)

    4. Be proactive

    This is something I am becoming a big fan of recently. Plan as much as you can, in every situation, so you stay ahead of any inconviniences.. Have a hard time getting up in the monrning? Every night, take out the bowl, spoon and the cereal you eat, prepare your clothes, have lunch and everything else done the night before, so you limit the amount of uncertainty and stress you put upon yourself. This applies to every aspect of life.

    5. Journal

    This is also relatively new to me. I have always been a big fan of talking about feelings and not hiding your emotions - but just recently I discovered how much I was actually keeping to myself, and how many feelings I kept locked up inside, journaling has helped me be less anxious and let go of my emotions instead of having them trapped inside of me. A great lesson I learned from the book "Bending Reality" Victoria song greatly visualises how Emotions is "energy in motion" and if you keep them tracked, they get stuck and cannot pass your system. That saying has really changed my outlook on "pulling myself together" and "keeping things inside because it's more convenient"..

    6. Have a baseline diet

    This mainly applies to me because bodybuilding is my hobby, but I have found that a nice rule for myself is, that I can eat whatever i want, as long as I still get my 6 pre made meals in, without exception. This seems kinda odd, but it makes me stop and think twice before saying yes to that delicious slice of cake at work - because I still need to have enough appetite for my meal in 15 minutes, and that often makes me pass on things I would have otherwise devoured.

    7. Daily cleaning

    This seems obvious, but as a recently "first time living alone" person with kids, it is so very important. It has taken me way to long to realise, that just twenty minutes of intense cleaning when the kids sleep at night, keeps me from spending literally whole sundays trying to make my appartment look like an appartment, and not a warzone.

    8. Be present

    This one has become so important to me. I'm not much of a social media person, sure I scroll instagram etc. but I am not active on any platform except for this excellent one. Yet I have catched myself multiple times starring at my phone, while one of my daughters are explaining something to me, or trying to keep a conversation while I simultaneously watch Instagram reels is simply rude. That doesn't mean I never use my phone, but I really do my best to have several times through out the day, where the phone is lying on the kitchen counter, while whoever I am with has my full undivided attention.

    9. Mini goals

    As a former, very dedicated, World of Warcraft gamer, a part of me is still living in the game, and so I like to gamify things and have small goals that I can check off every night before going to bed. It keeps me accountable to myself, and it's a nice little dopamine rush, crossing my T's and dotting my I's every day.

    These are often very simple, as an example a few of my goals as of now is "Did I stick to my diet today?, did I go to the gym if I had that planned, did I practice racing my drone today?"

    10. Be grateful

    This is still a work in progress. I was an adult before I even knew what this word meant - not because I was raised to be ingrateful or I wasn't taught to appreciate what I had. It's just not a part of the culture of my Country to be grateful, like it is in many other countries.

    If I had a goal of making "X" amount of money, or Bench press "X" amount of weight, the second I achieve these goals, I INSTANTLY move on to a new and bigger goal, and pick on myself for not being closer yet. Instead of appreciating the hard work that is paying off, before setting bigger and tougher goals.

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