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10 Things I Have Learned In The Past 5 Years

I'm terrible with time. I don't know if I've learned these in the past five years or not, but I have been learning them.


    1. I have been learning (once again) to say "I have been learning" instead of "I have learned."

    As soon as I say, "I have learned," God (the Universe, karma, whatever) reminds me that I haven't learned it yet and presents another lesson.

    2. I have learned to play the ukulele.

    Not well, but adequately.

    3. I have learned that my plans mean little or nothing.

    With a disabled daughter and a partially disabled wife, whenever someone says, "What are your plans, Donn?" I respond with, "What difference does it make?"

    4. I have been learning to slow down.

    The world doesn't depend on me.

    5. I have learned that your heart can be ripped out of your chest, and you can keep going.

    "Five years" in the title just struck me. In January it will be five years since our oldest son died at age 32.

    6. I have learned how to check my blood sugar.

    Got a diagnosis of diabetes a year and a half ago.

    7. I have learned a lot about LinkedIn

    I've had an account for a long time, but I had thought of it as a résumé site. It is much more than that. While I'm not an expert, I have been learning to use it effectively.

    8. I have learned some things about plumbing that I really, really never wanted to know.

    9. I have learned how to navigate the Social Security system.

    10. I have been learning how to avoid despair despite the apocalyptic happenings that have become our everyday norms.

    11. BONUS: I have been learning to appreciate how fortunate I am despite those apocalyptic happenings because lots of people in the world truly have it worse.

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