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10 Things I Have Now But Did Not Have at the Start of September

    1. A dead mum😭😭😭 who fortunately now is at rest.

    My mum died of cardiac arrest on 5th of September 2022. As at the time, she had two patent stents in her and was sentenced to a life of tablets to sustain her.


    2. $1,250+ in passive income

    This is money I have made through EvaMtalii blog and YouTube channels from previously created content. Following my mum's loss, I barely had the bandwith to create content but somehow the money continued to stream in.


    3. Two low content eBook ideas

    This is an idea I have toyed with for a very long time but so proud of myself that yesterday I started drafting the eBooks and publishing them is a goal I have set for myself in the coming quarter.

    4. More clarity on who genuinely has my back and is rooting for me.

    When my mum died, many people, some whom I barely haven't talked to in ages reached out and supported me in amazing ways. On the flip side, some I thought we were close didn't reach out even though they knew of my situation.

    5. Even more urgency to live life to the fullest because YOLO and carpe diem

    6. 1,071 new YouTube subscribers on my two EvaMtalii channels

    Travel with EvaMtalii - 979 new subscribers

    EvaMtalii finance - 92 new subscribers

    7. 2.5 more days accumulated towards my annual leave

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