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10 Things I Learned From. . . A Podcast: Mr. Beast Crashes An Interview

Mr. Beast is world famous because he makes amazing Youtube videos. I've never followed him or really watched his stuff (though hundreds of millions do).

Here they be.

    1. Obsession

    I take balance to mean one thing. You love whatever it is that you are doing, so much so, you'll gladly suffer for it.

    When asked about how he (Mr. Beast) goes about making his videos, he said something along the lines of "I love to wake up, spend every moment working on a project, passing out, and waking up to do it again and again until I have a mental breakdown. Then I take a few days off and go right back to it. It's oddly sustainable."

    2. He Hires People To Teach Him

    He pays people to find things that are weird, odd, not the norm. His premise for idea creation is to get as much information into his brain and then see what he comes up with.

    3. Bad at School

    He never took his bookbag home. After class he'd throw it under the bleachers leaving and get it in the morning.

    If there is anyone who proves there is no need for school, it's him.

    4. It's About Winning

    He want's to win, it's not about the money. Or to put it another way, he says the money is so he can create more videos. He spends on average 1.5 million per video

    5. Be Consistent With Greatness Not Schedules

    He doesn't post on a schedule, he posts based on making great videos. I thought this was an interesting point. He'll wait two months sometimes before posting a video because he is only concerned about quality.

    Basically, you can define your own level of consistency.

    6. He's Un-pop-cultured

    He was asked what his favorite movie is, he didn't have one. He watched Youtube growing up.

    7. He Went Anti-Twitter

    I have no idea what his Twitter looks like or if he even has one. Most people are known or get popular on Twitter for being a d***. He did the opposite. He got famous for being nice.

    8. A Gamer Started His Carrier

    Way, way back watching Youtube. A then famous gamer was hacked and his Youtube earnings were released. After seeing he was making 100k for the last few years he said screw doing anything else, I'm going to become a Youtube creator.

    9. He Talked To Himself

    He made videos when he was 13 saying he'd have X amount of followers in five years another video of him at thirteen is coming for his 10 year mark.

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