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10 Things I Learned From a Professional Athlete

Have known a few professional athletes, but will specifically refer to a gold medalist.

    1. They work crazy hard

    Working hard in business or others areas is mentally draining, but sports physically drains you. It affects your whole life.

    They were always tired. In training, they would push themselves daily. In competition, they would be completely drained. They traveled a lot, that is draining.

    The life of a top level pro athlete takes incredible sacrifice and a work-ethic that I haven't seen elsewhere.

    2. They were selfish

    Their whole life was about maximizing their potential. High performance sports makes you laser focused on yourself and you can't really waste time thinking about things outside of yourself.

    They are not bad people, they say hi to others, but I would not want to date/marry them. They have to be very focused on themselves.

    3. They sacrificed a lot

    When others wanted to have a good time, this person had to really pick and choose when they could let their hair down.

    4. They were self-conscious

    You would think a world-class athlete would have world-class confidence, but not in all settings. They had self-belief in their sport, but maybe didn't feel like a well rounded person. Their self-worth was damaged from being too focused on one thing, it seemed.

    5. They were disciplined

    Lived a very regimented life. Much more than others. They worked on their sport, they worked out in the gym, they ran/biked, they visited a physio often. They got massages, saw doctors. It always seemed like they had a tight schedule. They also did appearances now and then and interviews. They basically had no life.

    6. They felt lost after their career was over

    Their whole identity was tied into their sport. When their career was over, they struggled a bit.

    They were not prepared for what was next. This sole focus while playing helped them, but it hindered them for life after sport.

    7. They battled depression/anxiety

    Maybe bc of #6. Maybe bc they are human.

    8. They still make a lot of money

    Being a gold medalist is a big deal and they still make a lot in endorsements and appearance fees, even after many years.

    9. They are still in great shape

    They continue to take care of themselves. Not at the level they did when competing, but much more so than the average person.

    10. They can achieve a lot

    With their work-ethic, I have seen them do a lot of incredible things, even after their career. They don't take on a task just on a whim, they are a little more picky, but when they put their mind to something, they usually accomplish what they set out to do.

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