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10 Things I learned from "Amazon Kindle Rankings" by Dave Chesson

10 Things I learned from "Amazon Kindle Rankings" by Dave Chesson

    1. Adjusting and optimizing the Amazon product page can help you increase your rankings

    2. There is something for everyone on Amazon: there is an industry of cat unicorn horn costume makers!

    3. Keyword ratio density matters in your book and title

    If your book has 400 words and mentions a keyword 8 times you have 2% keyword density. There is a sweet spot for this as you don't want to spam.

    "Your competitor’s title is "The Best Gorgonzola You Can Find in All of America." Your title is "Gorgonzola Cheese Guide." Assuming that all of your other metrics are the same, which title will most likely be ranked higher? Your book, of course!"

    4. Go to and offer to give away free books to get people to write reviews

    5. Make one of the last pages in your book links to leave reviews: Amazon will do this automatically at the end for Kindle books.

    6. Kindle select promotions (free giveaways) count towards your sales rankings. Time the promo to end before a big sales day

    7. Use all of the tools in the Amazon listing: have a subtitle, use the keywords options, have an author profile, etc.

    8. In a way, the Amazon search algorithm is the customer for your book product page

    Spend time getting this correct

    9. After writing your book content, it might be worthwhile to have a professional do things for you like artwork and promotions

    A good looking book will get picked more often.

    10. Write a non fiction ebook like a blog post using SEO strategies and keywords.

    This is another dimension to the book writing craft. Without good keyword selection and usage you are likely to have a dud that nobody will read.

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