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Maximillian Hill


10 Things I Learned From Chris Voss and Jim Camp About Negotiation

    1. Don't fear the word no. Embrace it.

    2. Mirroring (repeating the last three words your counterpart said) is the closest thing to a jedi mind trick in negotiation.

    3. Deals based on emotion don't stick. Too few people are motivated by their goals and logic when negotiating.

    4. It is more important to be respected/effective in a negotiation than liked.

    5. If you're not working on behalf of your own mission and purpose, you're working on behalf of someone elses. A valid mission and purpose will keep you on track during a tough negotiation.

    6. Don't try to but heads with an old school, top down, command and control, type A negotiator. Instead, use this process: 1) Late night FM DJ Voice 2) Lead with "I'm sorry" 3) Mirror 4) Wait...period of silence for at least four seconds

    7. When negotiating a salary, instead of submitting a number, submit a range. Studies have shown that submitting a range will usually result in a higher salary. Be pleasantly persistent on non-monetary benefits like vacation, etc.

    8. Never show neediness. All a human truly "needs" is air, food, water, clothing shelter, friends and family, some money, and in 2022, a reliable internet connection. If you don't need anything from anyone, how you be rejected for anything?

    9. Create an agenda for every call, meeting, email, etc.

    10. Invite your counterpart in a negotiation to say "no." People will fight to the death to preserve their right to say no, so let them say no. It makes them feel in control.

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