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Katie Ulrych


10 things I learned from doing an hourly Gratitude List

That was hard work

    1. My focus was on the list

    It was more like a job. It was hard.

    2. I broke down for the 1st time in months

    I was up at 6:45 @ school @ 7:30. Hung out with kids for 8 hours and then sat people at a restaurant for 4 more. I am burning out. I am leading a double life.

    3. I love my school but I can't fake being Catholic

    My school is AMAZING! I realized that yesterday. The administration will do anything for a student or teacher. The families are the most caring and sincere. They are involved. It literally feels like a family. My job is relatively easy. I just can't work for $34k. Rent for a 1 bedroom is 1k a month. My car lease is almost $300 a month and insurance is $100 a month. I can't. I am trying but I don't have days off.

    4. I have all the things I need

    I'm ok

    5. I was still angsty

    My mood didn't really change but I'm better today so maybe that's the result.

    6. Good coworkers make life great

    You are with them a lot. They should really be great!

    7. Sometimes I just want to be mad

    I got angry I had to be grateful.

    8. Using the gratitude muscle is hard

    I guess I need to use it more

    9. I wanted to finish the list in the first 10 minutes

    I didn't want to think about it

    10. Its more fun when you have a friend responding to your list

    I'll do it with a friend

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