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10 Things I Learned from Malcolm Gladwell Masterclass (via Delta)

I don't know if this is plagiarism. Sharing his ideas and my thoughts on them. Is it ok? If not.. I will move it to private.

I just got back from Scandinavia. I think it is pretty amazing out of all of the things I experienced this masterclass is what I want to talk about first. This trip was about $5,000 1/7th of my teaching salary. If all I did was watch this masterclass I think the 5k would be justified. Maybe not 5k maybe the 1800 for the plane tickets. I kept wanting to do something else but I kept getting drawn back in! To be honest.. I have never finished one of his books. I just like him as a human being.

These are all fascinating. I am not doing it justice. M.G. comes alive in this series. I almost want to subscribe to Masterclass because of it.

    1. Writing is a Higher Order Jigsaw Puzzle

    I LOVE jigsaw puzzles and so I loved this analogy. I realized from the very first episode that writing is an actual process and not what I do which is sometimes just throwing out words everywhere.

    2. The Oddness Draws You In

    The more different something is the more interesting it is. I see this in life everywhere. I purposefully try to be more odd in order for people to be curious about me.

    3. Give the Reader Candy

    Explain a person and then tell them you might remember them from this.. something completely unrelated to what you are talking about but really interesting.

    4. You want Google to make you think of things you've never thought before.

    This was said in reference to how he finds stories to write about. You can't just search up a topic because then you are just going to get the same information that everyone else has. It won't be new or interesting. You have to really listen to people and follow a random trail they take you on. This is why I like my Random Wiki searches and I think I need to make it a video thing that I do. I just have to be more confident.

    5. Construction of a Library Shelf is your friend.

    Search the books around the topic you are interested in and you will find new topics that are related but aren't obvious.

    6. You need to be in a different place at the end of the story than you were in the beginning.

    Or it's just boring.

    7. An Interesting Person is Part of an Interesting Group

    They are not an island. I think I loved this so much because I said this at the beginning of the pandemic to myself. I need to become who I want to be around. I have purposefully tried to be more interesting throughout the pandemic.

    8. Writing in First Person is Hard

    As a reader you are thinking about all the autobiographies you have read and they are written by amazing people in history. You are measuring up this writer to those super interesting people. You are asking yourself why is this person so interesting that I need to know about them. He says that your not that interesting.

    9. Draw out the person's best self

    When interviewing someone. Show them how interesting they are. Make them walk away feeling more interesting than when they first came to you. I am thinking about this in related to dating, teaching, friendships and family. I need to leave people feeling that they are more interesting than before we had a conversation. Not that I am more interesting.

    10. Bad Interviewers

    They are so excited to introduce themselves into the conversation.

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