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10 Things I learned from Prompt Publish Profit by Carla White

Carla White founded https://hiro.fm/ which is an audio/podcasting system, also the book is here: https://www.promptpublishprofit.com/. This "book" is a 60 page sales pitch and is aimed at aspiring influencers and coaches.

Hiro.fm can automate sales funnels from podcasts.

I have found that there is a lot of information gold in short (<100 page) nonfiction audio books.


    1. This is about creating an audiobook using AI in a weekend.

    2. Audio listeners will spend more money

    3. she says audio listeners will spend more money on coaching: I realized that I spend 20+ hours a week listening to audio and occasionally spend money on stuff so she may be on to something here.

    4. "To succeed at writing a book using AI, you need to have a solid understanding of how the book formula works"

    5. 3 levels of teaching/sales/influencing

    Inform you audience - low sales

    Get your audience to have epiphanies and ideas

    get your audience to have a new identity that changes their behavior! Focus on this level.

    6. List the top problems that you are solving

    What stops your target customer from taking action?

    7. Match their problems to your solutions: use your customers own words when possible!

    8. High converting audio book flow

    Intro (where you state the payoff: the future will be better, etc) should hit in 9 seconds on an audio book! Who EXACTLY is this book for? How to get the most out of this book, how this book is different

    Back Story - your back story IS your listener's back story! Be vulnerable here. Convince them that this is the right opportunity and time for them, they will have an identity shift and that you (the author) are the one to give it to them.


    Solution: common enemy

    Steps: how did you discover the step, what results do you want?

    Future: help them visualize the future

    Conclusion: get your readers to say "yes"

    What's next?

    9. The author humanizes chat GPT and says "keep chatting to it" "make it funnier and something that I third grader would understand"

    10. "Don't just inform, transform"

    11. Stories build trust

    12. "complexity fails, simplicity scales"

    13. "read your audiobook before printing it..to be sure it flows well"

    14. Tips for writing chatGPT prompts

    Tell it to:

    pretend to be a (XYZ)

    use "continue" or "and then?"

    in the tone of (Shakespeare, Dr Seuss)

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