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10 things I learned from the One Minute Manager Balances Work and Life

    1. Train, don't strain

    Don't push yourself too hard to train

    2. There are a set of practices everyone should follow for better health

    Good relationships, no smoking, less sugar and fat, more veggies, being active, etc.

    3. Commitment is what happens when things aren't easy

    4. Young people spend their health to improve their wealth, and old people spend their wealth to improve their health

    WHy not take care of yourself earlier so your future self thanks you

    5. Will people remember how hard you worked at the end of your life? Or will they remember the time you spent with them

    6. It doesn't take a lot to be active

    Slowly build up from walking to jogging to running

    7. Ask yourself when enough is enough

    A lot of us tell ourselves that after I make x amount or complete y project, it'll be okay. It unfortunately doesn't work that way.

    8. Money can't buy relationships

    It helps but it can't replace time and attention

    9. Small health issues might be bigger ones

    Don't ignore or shrug off small health issues - they could be signs of bigger underlying health issues

    10. Reward yourself for making progress

    Not with junk food or smoking or anything unhealthy - but with other things that are healthy or at least neutral.

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