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10 Things I Learned From the Past Half Year

    1. I don’t hate my own voice anymore

    I edited my podcast last night and I LIKED how I sounded and what I was saying. First time in my life.

    2. I don’t have a sense of embarrassment that I used to

    I don't care if anyone thinks what I'm doing is something they'd never do. Of course they wouldn't. I used to do stuff all the time that was viewed as risky: never cared. Then I started caring again. Well, never again! If they like it, good! If they say "you're crazy, I'd never do that" even BETTER.

    3. I can learn anything of reasonable challenge in about two weeks

    That means getting over beginner hump and into "I can do this" territory. That's not even sniffing proficiency or even "good enough". I've found the faster you can go from "what even is this" to "yeah I can do that" the more skills you can stack.

    4. Real grief is unlike anything you can imagine

    It had some very serious physical and psychological consequences that I wasn't prepared for. It lasted longer than I expected and it returned once worse than it started. I learned a lot from it. But I thought I'd done it before and I was as wrong as I could be.

    5. I can actually transform my body and mind at will

    I've done the slow version of this only to be pulled back into the "reactive" mode and get into comfort and security. Now, I'm aware of all the "buttons on the interface" so to speak and I am ready to push them as needed.

    6. There is no thing that I can’t do

    As Scott Adams would say, "if you want something, figure out the price and pay it."

    Want a six pack? Time, hard work, self control, a good system and support network.

    Want a million dollars? Time, hard work, lots of experiments, pretending "failure" isn't a word, and high threshold for emarassment.

    7. Giving to others makes me happy in ways nothing else can

    The ultimate achievement in life is: become as wealthy and set as possible, keep a low profile (fame is overrated and dangerous - look how many crypto millionaires get robbed or murdered, for example), and then anonymously give to people every chance I get (and do some other things that are fun like charity game tournaments which, of course, I can do today I don't need untold riches to do that)

    8. I just had an idea so I’m going to write it here so I don’t forget… Blood Bank Blood Bowl

    A charity Blood Bowl tournament where the entry fee is a blood or plasma donation! Blood Bowl is a tabletop wargame that mimics American Football.

    9. I can accept things as they are, not as I want them to be

    Before, I was faking acceptance and surrender. Now, I know what it takes to do that. And, it's hard! 

    10. I can change things that I want to change, and leave things be that need not be changed

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