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10 things I learned from Trillion Dollar Coach: The Leadership Playbook of Silicon Valley’s Bill Campbell A new book by Eric Schmidt, Jonathan Rosenberg, and Alan Eagle

    1. Phil Campbell was a football coach, who turned into a sales coach. He was responsible for much of the growth stories in Silicon Valley.

    2. When he played football for Columbia University, he played both offense and defense and was on the field for almost the entire game, every game. This is highly unusual.

    He was an MVP on his football team even though he was small for a football player at 5 feet 10, 165 pounds.

    3. Because he was a coach and not a technical person he was able to work at many companies simultaneously without conflicts of interest.

    4. He was able to work at the top levels of every major Silicon Valley company in the 2000s: Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Google, and others. At his funeral, the CEOs of those companies were there.

    5. Within nine months at Apple, he had risen to vice president of marketing in time to launch the Macintosh computer in 1984

    He was one of the leaders for the legendary 1984 advertisement and was instrumental in having it run during the Super Bowl against the protests of the Apple board of directors. Steve Jobs and others at the company loved the ad so it was probably OK anyway.

    6. Many people considered Bill to be their best friend.

    During his funeral service one person commented that Bill was possibly 2000 people‘s best friend. He found time to be that person for everyone.

    7. There’s a new breed of employee called the smart creative

    This is somebody that can create new products and also has business savvy. Many people in Silicon Valley probably feel this way about themselves!

    8. Teams must act like communities and focus on the success of the organization as a team.

    9. A coach needs to simultaneously work with individuals and work with the team to smooth out tension.

    Bill was a master of figuring out where the tension was and diffusing it.

    10. Your title does not make you a manager, your people do.

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