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10 Things I learned from watching "Sound of Freedom" yesterday

At the end of the movie they asked everyone to promote it: so here is my effort.

The trailer is here:

    1. Human trafficking is horrible and on the rise: 2 million children worldwide every year.

    2. It is possible to make a movie about a horrifying topic without being graphic

    Thank you Angel Studios for not going there. It is PG 13 and can be seen by teens.

    3. The movie was based on the story of the real-life hero Tim Ballard and some of the children he rescued.

    The interview with him on the website is worth watching: what a great guy.

    4. Angel Studios uses crowd funding and direct requests at the end of the movie to help promote the message

    It got me to post this. For people interested in business and crowdfunding they are a success story to learn from. They are a 21st-century movie studio.

    From their website: Why does Angel Studios offer free streaming?

    Angel Studios believes in making storytelling universally accessible. Our commitment to share light-amplifying content allows us to offer our service for free. This model is made possible by fan contributions via Pay It Forward, merchandise sales, and sponsorships.

    5. They have a highly promoted policy to "pay it forward" and buy tickets for someone else to see the movie.

    6. Glen Beck helped sponsor the (real life) rescue mission

    7. This movie was completed years before it was released.

    8. The cinematography is really beautiful: I don't usually notice that or pay attention.

    9. Angel Studios is pretty "faith positive" but does not overwhelm the message in "Sound of Freedom"

    From their website: "We’re building a home for stories that amplify light."

    10. This is a movie worth seeing. A good movie with an important message.

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