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10 things I learned from writing my experimental list "10 ways to experiment with an idea list"

Going meta. I recently decided to find different ways to experiment with idea lists.

Here are a few things that I learned from it.

    1. Making a paperback cover on KDP was easier than I remembered it, but it's still tricky to get it quite right

    2. If it's so easy to post a private video, it could be just as easy to post public content

    3. I should experiment more often

    4. It might be interesting to publish short audio recordings within an article or other types of content

    5. An intimidating but small project can be finished a lot faster than you initially thought

    It took a while because I procrastinated on it and only worked on it here and there. Aside from Idea Number One, which required a few days for the notebook to be published, everything could have been done in a few hours - if not less.

    6. Fiverr is not as strict as I thought

    I published a gig just for the sake of my list, although I didn't mention that.

    7. onepage.website is pretty bad

    It's slow and ugly. I'll keep it in mind next time I want to create a simple one-page website.

    8. GIFs are not yet supported on NotePD

    9. Maybe I should start learning how to draw

    10. Before publishing a new list, I should check when my next scheduled list will be released

    A few minutes after I published my experimental list, my scheduled list about mugs got published, and I regretted it.

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