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10 things I learned this past 7 days

I think continual learning is important at any age. Someone wise once said "If you're not moving forward, you are moving backward." That must have been an astrophysicist who said that. Or someone traveling the "space-time continuum."

    1. The "Tram Car" on the Wildwood boardwalk travels at an amazing 5 mph (that's 8 kph for many people).

    The silent electric engines give them a better chance to sneak up on you while you are eating a funnel cake.

    2. It costs $4 per trip to ride the Tram Car on the Wildwood Boardwalk.

    That better be the best ride I ever had!

    3. Those seagulls that are laughing all the time are called Laughing gulls.

    I don't know where they got the name from.

    4. Ospreys at the Jersey shore only eat twice a day.

    It took 24 straight hours of constant surveillance.

    5. The voice of the Tram car is someone named "Floss."

    Better than being named "Rinse" or "Flush"!

    6. The prophet Jeremiah was the first documented case of cancel culture.

    See the book of Jeremiah and the cistern of Prince Malchiah.

    7. Actor Steve McQueen was charging $50,000 to filmmakers who wanted him to read for a part.

    He was THAT popular!

    8. It's tough to get a happy hour together for people coming from three different states!

    9. Sometimes, abusive companies can help you form lasting friendships with the people in those companies.

    But setting up happy hour for the "survivors" of those companies can be tough!

    10. They say "A great leader is someone who creates other leaders." I would add to that "A great company is one that helped to inspire other companies."

    I was at a company called Infonautics. It never broke any records, never had a towering stock price, and never became a unicorn. But it did inspire dozens of people. In that regard, the company was a huge success!

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