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10 Things I learnt reading Carol Dweck's "Mindsets"

Carol Dweck explains why we're not stuck with the intelligence or abilities that we were given at birth, and how we can develop our skills and abilities through hard work and perseverance, if we have the right mindset.

Here's a brief and inadequate list of what I learnt from her book, which I happily recommend.

    1. Fixed and Growth Mindsets

    A fixed mindset believes that our intelligence and abilities are fixed at birth and can't be changed, whereas a growth mindset believes that we can increase our intelligence and abilities. A mindset is a belief, or set of beliefs, that we can change if we want.

    2. Fixed and Growth mindsets - dealing with setbacks.

    Fixed mindset - If I fail, give up, because there's nothing that I can do about it. Growth mindset: if I fail, keep trying and I will improve

    3. Creativity isn't a "gift". It is the result of hard work and perseverance.

    Fixed mindsets thinks that you're either born creative or not, good at art or not, musical or not..

    Growth mindset says that you can become creative through hard work, learn to draw/paint/speak languages - anything that you want, if you're prepared to work at it.

    4. No such things as strong or weak will, good or bad memories. It is a trained or untrained will/memory

    Avoid saying "I'm bad at Maths, French etc", or "I'm naturally good at ...". There's nothing natural about it. It is either you have mastered it or you haven't.

    5. We can have a fixed mindset in one area, and have growth mindset in another

    6. Fixed mindset - an action can become an identity. – I failed, therefore I am a failure

    7. Growth mindset - I failed, what can I learn? how can I do this better?

    8. Fixed mindset people who believe that they are intelligent are reluctant to take risks, in case they fail

    Fixed mindsets tend to despise effort. Effort is for those who lack natural talent and ability. Being smart and naturally brilliant means that I don't have to try...

    9. Growth mindset people don't mind taking risks, because if they fail, they'll learn and try again

    10. Society tends to foolishly prize natural ability over earned ability

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