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10 Things I Loved at Age 10

Great list idea from @billbergeman

    1. Reading.

    I read all the time. Books were my biggest joy. I'd read at every opportunity. 

    2. School

    I loved school. I had a great teacher, Mrs Davenport. 

    3. Gardening

    My Dad and I spent a lot of time gardening together. 

    4. Writing

    I discovered fountain pens in Mrs Davenport's class and never looked back. 

    5. Oliver Tobias

    He was Arthur of the Britons. I loved that series and became a big fan. I met him a few times later on. 

    6. Post

    I loved getting snail mail although it wasn't called that back then.

    7. Photography

    I had a tiny film camera that I loved to use. Even better - getting the prints back in the mail.

    8. Nana and Grandad

    Parents of our neighbour, I spent a lot of time with Nana and Grandad. 

    9. Mysteries

    I had (and still have) a Reader's Digest book about mysteries. My Dad and I often pondered mysteries and the truth behind them.

    10. Sci-fi

    My Dad and I watched a lot of sci-fi. My Mum wasn't a fan so we spent a lot of time pretending we were watching something else!

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