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10 Things I LOVED this Week

I think I am one of those people that says I LOVE THINGS too much. It's ok. More Love is good!

    1. Marjorie Post

    I just bought the biography about her. I heard about how she basically created General Mills and she's awesome. I can't wait to read this book. I have heard her name before but I always assumed she was just the heir to the Post throne and had a fun life. Nope. She worked hard and created an empire. I cannot wait to read the book. It's my plane book for my 7 hour flight.

    2. Being Dugout Coach

    I went to watch 3 of the boys from my Preschool class this past year play TBall. It was the first real game and kind of a hot mess. All new parents and they had never done it before. I decided to go into the dugout and high five every kid that came in. They were all kind of scared not knowing what was going on. I felt it. So I did something about it.

    3. Front Row at Shrek Jr. Musical

    A student I had in 2020-2021 was in a musical with her sister. My student played Shrek as a little boy. This girl gets belly aches when she is nervous. When she didn't know how to handle a situation in my class last year she would get belly aches and we would just have to calm her down. SHE WAS UP ON STAGE. She was still nervous but she did it. I was so proud of her. It was a sold out show to maybe 100 people. Her sister was great too!

    4. Intuitive Reading 1 (Free)

    She picked up on that I work with kids. She also felt that I was totally drained. It's true. It's been the busiest summer I've ever had and I am a bit burnt out. I am also over working multiple jobs. She said I am very powerful. lol I am. I don't think I appear that way but inside.. watch out. Get me under the right circumstances.. hold on. She saw that I want to go to Germany. She also knew that meeting the right guy was really important to me right now.

    5. Intuitive Reading 2 ( 10 Euros with half being donated to abortion support)

    This lady is a professional while the other lady is a beginner. I asked her "when am I going to meet the love of my life?" She said she doesn't like to predict things. She likes to talk about what inner processes that need to be worked on. She said I am ready and I need to keep focusing on why I am a catch. She said the man I am going to be drawn to is going to be very open and honest about the trials he has been through. Being a tarot reader myself I saw the cards and I had no idea how to interpret them. The last card being "what will he be like?" was the 10 of swords. I had no idea how she was going to spin it but it made perfect sense in my life.

    6. Nature Walk with Mom

    I was going to go to the gym but decided to drive to my mom's early and go for a walk. It was nice. We are very similar people and we have struggled in life. We are at a good place right now and we are about to go on an amazing trip together.

    7. The Man at the Park

    I met a man at the part who does what I want to do. Him, his wife and son travel every 2-3 years. I see that it can happen. It was a yup.. this is headed my way moment.

    8. The Scammer Podcast

    Someone close to me was scammed. They were thoroughly embarrassed when called out. It was done in a very hurtful way. The use of emotions and promise of love. They were talking about some kind of insurance to make sure you don't get scammed. A great financial advisor is insurance. That is what stopped it. I don't want to go into depth but thank you universe for financial advisors!!

    9. Illusion of Choice

    I had never thought of this before. I heard it on one of the podcast that is more like The James Altucher Podcast. It was The Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu. I think it was Joe Dispenza. He said "sure we have options but an illusion of choice" He talked about how athletes can't just eat whatever they want.. they have all the money in the world but they are confined to eating the foods that increase their likelihood of being good at their sport. I have little money and could eat whatever I want but I am confined to eating the foods that make me feel good and allow me to fit into my clothes. It was an interesting discussion. I stopped after that because then Tom tried to teach me something and I wanted to take a nap at that point.

    10. The Game Podcast - How do you pick your challenges?

    The people on the podcast were getting into a great discussion about how to pick your challenges in life. The guest said "challenges are what make us feel important" the host asked if all of the challenges were monetarily focused. He said no but yes. I loved the question but I don't like way it was answered. I love setting myself up with challenges but I am not motivated by the money. I am motivated by knowledge. I have no idea who the guest was because I don't think the intro was that great. I don't remember hearing it.

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