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10 things I might need help with

Great idea for a list. 

10 things I might need help with

    1. Marketing

    Creating is easy. Selling my creations is a lot harder. I don't like to brag and I feel that's what I need to work on if I do want to sell more. 

    2. Flirting

    Similar to idea 1,but selling myself rather than my products. 

    3. Finding jobs

    I can search job sites, but I don't really want those jobs. Knowing what I'd love to do is part of the problem. I'd like to make enough that I can live a happy life /travel and have enough free time to work away on my own projects. 

    4. Stand up comedy

    I'm getting help with this, but any more help is appreciated. I love comedy and the art of perfecting a joke is a puzzle I really enjoy doing. 

    5. Ukulele

    I can play a ska beat and a few chords. Skas my favourite genera so I'm happy enough, but learning to play more songs would be great. 

    6. Side hussles

    I'd love to know more ways than I could make a side income. I've got tons of content already

    7. Build a following

    I post daily to Instagram and Facebook (as well as here), but my follower count remains steady. How could I gain even more followers. I want folk who want to follow, not bots /folk getting paid to do it. I've got great content if more folk see it there bound to follow and want more. 

    8. Comic Writing

    Maybe having no training helps me to make something more unique. Some basic knowledge of what to avoid won't hurt though. 

    9. Coding

    An app full of my 'The Rocco Effect' content would be great. I don't think it would be that complicated, so should be easy enough to learn how to do it. 

    10. Getting to 10 items

    It's not always easy. 

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