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10 Things I Miss About the COVID-19 Lockdowns

Thanks for posting @BillBergeman! Here are mine.

    1. Gaining more time

    We all say we need more time, well, during the lockdowns you had so much, you could get more done, and analyze, maybe for the first time, how you were spending it.

    2. Less distractions, like sports.

    I really like sports, but you know what? When the "Big Game" isn't on, I get more done. I lived through three NHL lockouts, and this rang true every time.

    3. Walks out in nature

    @BillBergeman alluded to this, but everyone suddenly discovered the outdoors. What do you know? It was there all the time!

    4. The truth that we don't need that much to live

    We didn't actually need to go to a gym to exercise. We didn't need to go to a coffee shop. We didn't need to be in the office all the time to work.

    5. Space to build a routine

    The lockdowns often felt like Groundhog Day at times, which created the perfect conditions for building a routine.

    6. People being nice(r) to each other

    Everyone was scared in the beginning. But also much nicer and considerate to each other.

    7. Getting things done that should've been done ages ago

    Photo albums that needed to be scanned; home improvement projects, etc.

    8. Reading

    I had been trying for so long to finish Robert Greene's Laws of Human Nature, and luckily for me, that was the book I had to rough out the initial quarantine.

    9. Testing what's truly important

    How long can you go without a haircut? How about social contact? The lockdowns revealed the true value of things we thought we needed.

    10. Training ground for antifragility

    The pandemic only strengthened most of our collective resilience because we lived, and continued to live through a difficult time.

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