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10 Things I Really Need to Do Every Day

I'm trying to go beyond the obvious, like brush my teeth. These aren't exactly The Daily Practice, though.


    1. Meditate.

    2. Pet my cat.

    I don't have a choice about this one. He will insist. But I get some benefit. Like not being eaten.

    3. Take my blood sugar.

    I'm really supposed to do it twice a day. I do well to get it done at least every day, though.

    4. Get at least a few minutes alone.

    Sometimes that's just sitting quietly in the bathroom, since it's the one room in the house where people will mostly not intrude.

    5. Sleep eight hours.

    There's always something, though, so this is the most difficult one.

    6. Drink coffee.

    Ben Franklin was wrong. Coffee is how we know God loves us and wants us to be happy. And awake.

    7. Give at least a few minutes of focus and attention to my wife.

    It's so easy to fall into the demands of "getting things done." I don't want all our interactions to be transactional. Just listen for a bit without rushing to the next thing.

    8. Pause several times for a mindful breath.

    Just one breath, between 6 and 15 seconds, as margin around all the other activities. It completely changes the experience.

    9. Floss.

    Everybody knows you should. At least one study showed that only about a third of Americans floss daily. I usually manage three or four days a week (joining about another third of Americans). I need to shift this.

    10. Read for pleasure, not work.

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