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Things I should do every day

There's nothing revolutionary on this list, but maybe that's the point. So much of success is habit.

    1. Get at least 7 hours of sleep

    Sleep is so crucial to helping me feel at the top of my game.

    2. Drink a lot of water

    Both in general, and in place of other beverages.

    3. Practice active gratitude

    Morning and night, if possible.

    4. Journal

    I think by writing, so journaling is the best way to clarify my thoughts, opinions, and feelings. It doesn't need to be anything standardized or formal, or anything long and involved-- any form of writing works.

    5. Go outside

    Even if it's just for 10 minutes. Fresh air is great for clearing my head.

    6. Meditate

    For me, this basically amounts to lying on the floor and trying to think of nothing for 10 minutes. It's amazing how that alone helps with self-discipline, patience, and learning to be non-reactive.

    7. Talk to someone I love

    For an ever-constant reminder of the "why" in life

    8. Play a game of chess

    Or do a lesson. Or practice my tactics. Really anything to keep moving forward actively with my gameplay.

    9. Eat an apple after dinner

    I'm a fan of Granny Smiths and Pink Ladies, in particular.

    10. Create a new idea list :)

    This speaks for itself!

    11. Learn something new

    Whether by listening to a podcast, reading an informative article, or having a conversation.

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