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10 things I think about religion and the universe

    1. Belief in a higher power makes you happier


    Maybe because it gives you hope?

    2. Like anything else, don't take it to the extreme

    Like the crusades or some religions that take things too far.

    3. Keep it simple like the 10 Commandments


    Basically, "be a good person."

    4. Deism makes sense to me

    Was raised Catholic, but now think Deism makes a lot of sense.

    The universe is enormous and grand. It would be surprising to me if a higher power didn't create it.


    5. Going to Hell would suck, so believe in God?

    I once read that it makes sense to believe in God, even if you are unsure, so you don't go to Hell if God exists.

    6. Kinda mean to send nice people to Hell?

    But, why would one worship someone who would send nice people to an eternity of suffering just because they didn't believe in God?

    7. There seems to be a lot of money in Religion

    Have always wanted to visit the Vatican. It seems so interesting. Has so much history. Can you see all the art they have? I do like the current Pope. He seems like a good man and is humble.

    Scientology owns a ton of real estate around the world.

    Joel Osteen has a private jet and mansions.

    8. Simulation Theory


    This could be a possibility.

    9. Or are we in "The Truman Show" or a video game?

    Have pondered that maybe we're just in a video game and the goal is to see how far life can travel out into this endless universe.

    Isn't it crazy that there are more suns in the universe than there are grains of sand on our beaches?

    If that is true, how come we can't see any other life?

    10. I could change my mind daily if I kept looking into this

    It is fun to think about the universe and how insignificant we are.

    Don't take life too seriously. Follow something like the 10 commandants, be a good person, be nice to others, and enjoy your time.

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