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10 things I want to learn

    1. Ancient Egypt

    I want to learn more about Ancient Egypt, take a class or something. Yes, I've done my own Wikipedia research but there's something special about taking a class.

    2. Sewing/ Knitting

    I feel like this is a good skill to have, and I want to acquire it.

    3. Code

    I've done my fair share of html, but I want to learn how to actually code. I've tried over the years, but no program was interesting enough that I stuck with it.

    4. More Kanji

    I feel like maybe, in this next year, I'll do a "Kanji of the month" thing. Just spend time with one Kanji throughout the whole month learning how to write it, what it means, and the history of it. Just a thought.

    Also, Kanji = Chinese characters used in Japanese

    5. How to make and sell templates

    This is something I was thinking about over the last few days. And you know what? I want to do this.

    6. Philosophy

    I want to learn the basics of the major philosophical schools by reading the source material and not just internet researching like I've done for some of it.

    7. How to make sourdough bread

    I've tried before, with some success. But, I really want to become good at it.

    8. Shopify

    I'd like to know how to set up a Shopify store. Or maybe Squarespace would be better? I don't really know.

    9. Another language

    Maybe Gaelic?

    10. More about how my moods change with what I eat, my environment, hormones, etc.

    I actually have a few books sitting on my shelf about this. I should go read them...

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