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10 things i wish i'd known before i became a management consultant

    1. Take advantage of travel opportunities

    Sure you might be working all the time, but sometimes you can get away and see a new city on another company's dime

    2. Figure out what you like to do and what the market will pay for (that's the sweet spot)

    3. Latch on to someone more senior than you who is rising up

    Do great work for them and they'll bring you along with them wherever they go

    4. Long hours: weekends and evenings

    Unfortunately, hard deadlines means you don't always get free weekends and evenings

    5. Learn as much as you can

    The only thing the firms have to sell is people, so it's in their best interest to develop their people as much as they can with certifications, skills and other credentials

    6. Take risks

    Just because something was always done one way doesn't mean it always has to be done that same way

    7. Create a wide network

    Build relationships with the managers, senior managers and partners - in your team and in other teams. You never know when a project will need your help.

    8. If you're travelling, use the opportunity to meet with others you may not have met before

    9. Watch how others succeed. Imitate their success. Then build your own path.

    10. Build good relationships with your clients. It could be a good opportunity to jump to the client.

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