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10 Things I Would Own If I Could Only Own 10 Things

Not sure if I'm doing this right...

    1. A golden air ticket

    Back in the day, airlines used to sell these golden air tickets...

    And if you owned one, you could get unlimited free flights for the rest of your life (in first class or business class) to anywhere in the world. Oh, and you could bring one person with you.

    Don't be mistaken though... You had to pay a LOT of money upfront just to get one.

    2. A golden shopping mall ticket

    Same concept as the golden air ticket. But with shopping malls.

    And you can only borrow stuff, you can't own it. Since I can only own 10 things...

    So I could borrow anything I wanted from one entire shopping mall for free for life. But I'll have to return everything I borrow after a decade or so.

    3. A golden convenience store ticket

    So I could get an unlimited amount of toilet paper and other stuff for free.

    4. A golden farmer's market ticket

    So I could get an unlimited amount of fresh food and produce anytime for free.

    5. A golden car dealership ticket

    So I could borrow cars for free anytime for life.

    6. A golden gas ticket

    So I could get free gas for the car anytime for life.

    7. A golden AirBNB ticket

    So I could stay at any AirBNB in the world for free for life.

    8. A golden Amazon ticket

    So I can borrow anything I wanted from Amazon for free for life.

    9. A golden goose

    So the goose lays golden eggs. And I can sell those eggs for money. And use the money to "rent" or "borrow" things that I don't have tickets for.

    10. Reserved for one thing I actually want to buy.

    Because I already own 9 things, and I can only own one more.

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